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Locards principle

Dr. Edmund Locard pioneered forensic science and he is remembered for his principle which states: Every object in contact leaves a trace on each other. Everyday we come into contact with different object as we go through with our work throughout the day, in doing so we leave traces of ourselves to where we have […]


Forensic science uses natural sciences i.e chemistry, chemistry, geology, biology and their principles in analysis of evidence. An example is the use of beer-lambart law thats used to determine the concentration of a substance hence its identity. Forensic science is applicable to all fields and uses their knowlegde in determining the identity of an unknown […]

Whats forensic science?

Forensic science is the use of scientific methods and techniques to solve crime. It involves identification, documentation, collection, analysis, presentation of the analysis of evidence from a crime scene and or providing expert opinion in a court of law